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Issue 12013


Mark A. Wallace

President and Chief Executive Officer

Texas Children’s is a dynamic organization. We opened our doors with a modest three-story, 106-bed facility 59 years ago, and today we have grown to become a comprehensive health care system reaching all corners of the community, region and globe.

Our mission then was simple — to be a source of health and hope for children in our community. While our reach and depth of services have broadened, our mission remains the same.

We have built one of the nation’s largest pediatric-OB/GYN networks, with four health centers, two hospital campuses, the nation’s largest hospital-owned pediatric primary care network and a maternal fetal medicine program housed in Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. Our network also includes the nation’s first pediatric health insurance plan, which today insures more than 350,000 children who might otherwise be without coverage.

More than 8,500 children and women are seen here every single day. They provide the inspiration around which our story revolves. We understand their complex medical challenges and know their struggles. It is our responsibility to improve their quality of life — and to ensure the best possible outcomes.

The Journal of Texas Children’s Hospital, our new publication, is our opportunity to explore relevant issues that face the populations we and our health care peers serve. The Journal is a place to share the fruits of our collaborative efforts with our colleagues, here and abroad.

Most importantly, The Journal is about telling our patients’ stories and how they drive our work to deliver the best in patient care, education and research. Stories like that of Leanny, whose Berlin Heart implantation at just 3 months old gave her a fighting chance to be the vibrant 4-year-old she is today; and Dr. David Gordon, an inspiring Texas Children’s Global Health Corps doctor who spent two life-changing years in Ethiopia; or the Martins, a couple with fertility challenges who had almost given up hope before conceiving their quadruplets.

These are just a few among many who fill our daily journal, illuminating the need for our abiding efforts. Welcome to our premier issue of The Journal of Texas Children’s Hospital.